Choosing a Contractor
The design and installation of your sprinkler system are critical to its success. That’s why it is so important to have a professional contractor do the work for you.

How your irrigation system is designed and installed will make the difference between a system thai is reliable and keeps your lawn green and healthy, and one that is troublesome, wastes water and leaves your lawn brown and unhealthy. Here are a few tips that will help you select a contractor wh will guarantee a job well done.

Know what to expect
An efficient, well-organized contractor will:
  • Provide the information needed to make an informed decision.
  • Visually determine soil conditions, water sources and pressure, planting materials, and more.
  • Present an estimate detailing plans and costs for material and labor.
  • Clearly explain all the specifics to you.

  • 2) Ask Questions
    The best contractors will encourage you to ask questions. A few good ones are:

  • What type of products will be used and why?
  • Is after-sale service provided?
  • Is there a warranty on the system?

  • 3)
    Watch out for low bidders
    They may not be licensed or insured, and they may take shortcuts that can jeopardize your lawn am shorten the life of your system.
    Some of these commonly used shortcuts are:

  • Not including a backflow preventer to protect your drinking water supply (state regulations may vary).
  • Installing sprinklers too far apart causing brown spots.
  • Sprinklers with different application rates on the same line causing areas to be over watered.
  • Not using adequate connectors and a valve box to safeguard against short circuits and corrosion.

  • 4) Choose someone you can trust and makes you feel comfortable
    Choosing an irrigation contractor who uses Rain Bird professional series products is the best way to ensure the job will be done right. Ask for current references.